RoShamBo welcomes back Kriston Rucker, the co-founder of the US Air Guitar Championship to give us the scoop on the 2020 online championship.  Watch for free on July 25th on Twitch ( ) and head over to to learn more!


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As with so many extraordinary events in these strange pandemic days, the folks from the Kinetic Grand Championship knew that they couldn’t gather like normal this Memorial Day Weekend. So... they decided to come up with an online alternative. Introducing… The 2020 Kinetic Sculpture in Place!

RoShamBo was joined by Queen Professor President of the Kinetic Universe Board Kati Texas to find out all about this online Memorial Day Weekend event.

Check it out at

“The CHIditarod is a race like none other. It’s a food drive, a race for charity, a beauty pageant, a bar crawl, spontaneous street theater, and not for the faint of heart. It’s fast, furious, cold, creative, exciting, and very, very fun.”

This episode originally aired back in 2018, but contains an update from the 2020 race that happened last weekend.  2020 marked the 15th anniversary of the Chiditarod and you can still check out pictures and links on the Chiditarod's original show page on 

Oh how RoShamBo loves Finland... Home of the World Wife Carrying Championship, Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships and The World Air Guitar Championships... and now - adding to their RoShamBo ranks, we are thrilled to tell you the story of The Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship. This past July, the town of Joensuu hosted the first ever inaugural event and RoShamBo caught up with USA's (Lansing, Michigan) team - 9" Needles


Mentioned in this episode:

Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship

Eagle Monk Brewery 


A quirky little Colorado mountain town. A dead Norwegian grandfather on ice. A coffin race. All of this and more at Frozen Dead Guy Days.  This year's festival is happening March 13-15 2020 - start planning your adventure today! 


Mentioned in this episode:

Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival

RoShamBo's Frozen Dead Guy Days episode page 

Mike the Headless Chicken 

RoShamBo Episode that gives more info on the town where Ted moved


In RoShamBo’s world, Ian Stewart lands somewhere between Unique and Amazing. He’s a 6 time Guinness World Record holder who also happens to be a hypnotist, a comedian and a magician. You know, just your average Canadian daredevil.



Links mentioned in this episode: 

Ian's Website 



The Plantation on Crystal River Manatee Tour

The World Sign Spinning Championship (episode page)

Baltimore’s Small Foods Party (episode page)

Small Foods Party (event page)

In the movie "To Have and Have Not", Lauren Bacall infamously said, “You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve? You just put your lips together, and blow”. And you know what, according to World Champion Whistler Carole Anne Kaufman, she’s not wrong.

Some of our favorite past guests reached out to wish YOU a Happy New Year! 





Your 3rd grade teacher’s worst nightmare…. It’s the Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals!

Fair warning, we use the term ‘houses’ loosely - because there are also Gingerbread pirate ships, tiki bars, gypsy wagons, fairy castles and polar bears - if you can dream it, they can build it in this wondrous assortment of 100% edible masterpieces!



Cool things mentioned in this episode:

Omni Grove Park Inn

Grove Arcade

National Gingerbread Championship

In Real LIfe

East Atlanta Kids Club

Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic


Cakes by Beatriz

Straight from the mighty Yukon territory of Canada - this is what happens when cold hair meets hot pools.  

Links mentioned in episode:

Get your Imperials, your Handlebars and your Alaskan Whalers ready - it's the National Beard and Mustache Championships! 


Learn more:

Fun with Cannonballs! 

During our coverage of Dragon Con 2019 we discovered a subculture - within the subculture of Dragon Con.  People that spend their time at the Con helping others in need.  They are Cosplay Medics and they're the hero's HEROES. 

Sure they're great for hauling things - but did you know that you can race 'em and use 'em for crazy tricks?  Well you can.  And it is awesome. 

Potty humor encouraged - It's the World Championship Outhouse Races!

We're off to DragonCon and we will bring you stories in the coming weeks of all the craziness that we get to see this year.  To hold you over, here's a compilation of DragonCon related episodes from 2018.  Enjoy, and if you see us at the Con, say HI! 

Before there were water skis, this is how the kids got their kicks.

I bet these dogs surf better than you.

Going for the gold at the US Air Guitar Championship!

We’re big fans of The Ocho and if you like us, we assume you are too. So we got you a treat!



Want a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts? No problem. But there is one catch…

Skip stones, win fudge. Sounds like fun, right? Right.

Extreme Bird Watching is for real, and The World Series of Birding is the largest and most prestigious birding competition around. 

Cheese Rolling! The crazy thing with the cheese wheel flying down the hill with a bunch of crazy people chasing it.  That one.



Every July 4th America celebrates it’s independence. Sometimes it gets weird.


Kim travels the the magical, mystical, mind-bending world of MEOW WOLF!


We all know someone with that spectacular laugh. The one that makes you crack up just hearing it, or the one that helps you find your friend in a crowd. Welcome to the World’s Best Laugh Competition- put on by yours truly, RoShamBo!


Let's hit the streets with some of our favorite people- The Krewe of Optical Delusions takes us parading! 


Ted went back to Scotland for the 2019 World Stone Skimming Championships. Along the way there, there was adventure to be had.




This episode has it all: bar stools, ski slopes and bad ideas.

Learn more at


Golden Eagles, Stick Wrestling ,Gilgamesh, goats, and possibly minotaurs. This is the World Nomad Games!


Using the wrong tool for the right job can be a lot of fun. Exhibit A: This (mostly) off-road race for non-off-road cars. Perfection.



Sport Stacking-AKA Cup Stacking-combines speed, dexterity and well, a lot more speed! 


Remember the game tiddlywinks you played as a kid? There’s way more to it than you ever imagined. It’s not just child play!



Want to get naked and run around with other naked people and do other sporty things naked? We thought so.



Log Riding - Episode 25

The Official name is “Suwa Taisha Shikinen Zouei Onbashira Taisai“ or Onbashira but we called it Log Riding because that is the part you want to know about!



Do you like all things Tiki? Do you like bartenders? THIS IS THE THING FOR YOU! The Iron Tikitender is the quest to find the world’s best tiki bartender.



Crying babies being held by Sumo wrestlers! What more could you want?



UFOs, Alligators and Sandboarding. Where do you think we went?



Ted hung out with World Champ Adrian and does a terrible job Gurning!



It’s more than Puppets. It’s Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge LIVE at Dragon Con 2018!



Wormcharming, a small food competition and 2-legged horses! Confused? You won’t be.



“The CHIditarod is a race like none other. It’s a food drive, a race for charity, a beauty pageant, a bar crawl, spontaneous street theater, and not for the faint of heart. It’s fast, furious, cold, creative, exciting, and very, very fun.”



Dogs are magical, special creatures. It’s hard to believe that there are any truly ugly dogs, but these guys and gals push the bound of conventional beauty!


On December 23rd 2009 George Trosset called up his son and said “ I need you and your wife to be at the beach house tomorrow morning, in Elf outfits… I’m gonna be Santa and your gonna be Elves, and we’re going SURFING.”


Making gingerbread houses for the holidays is a tradition. At the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club in Atlanta, they took that tradition and added some southern charm and is now the Gingerbread Trailer Park Contest.



Ho ho ho-boy is this the most magical time of the year? Yes. Yes it is. And if one Santa is good, a bunch of Santas doing Santa things is gooder, right?



What is mountainboarding, exactly? Well it’s a gravity based sport that allows you to ride a board with air tires, over almost any terrain. Grass, dirt, gravel, cobblestones, skateparks - all good. Snow, not so good.


It's the year 2018 and robots are still controlled by humans. The humans make them fight. They consider the carnage and destruction of the robots entertainment. The humans call it Robot Battles and it happens every year at DragonCon.


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