It's the year 2018 and robots are still controlled by humans. The humans make them fight. They consider the carnage and destruction of the robots entertainment. The humans call it Robot Battles and it happens every year at DragonCon.


Puns. Some love them. Some hate them. We definitely love them as you would know if you listened to any of our shows. And we are not alone! Each year punsters gather in Austin, Texas for the wordy cause known as the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship.



Sign Spinning, like many great pursuits, began as a way to relieve boredom. One guy with a sign decided he’d start flipping it around. Soon another saw it and started doing it too. And as it goes, competition broke out and a sport was born.


The sport of bearding and mustaching is, at it’s essence, presenting the most magnificent example of facial hair as it fits in one of 17 or so categories. The World Beard and Mustache Championships have been held every two years since the early 2000’s and has been hosted all over Europe as well as in the United States.



Sneak Peek : Season 2

RoShamBo Season 2 is starting on October 9th.  Here's a sneak peek of what's to come! 

DragonCon takes place in Atlanta every Labor Day weekend - it's a costume lover's dream so of couse Ted and Kim had to check it out.



For 18 years Bo Schaffer lugged blocks of ice up the hills of Nederland Colorado to ensure their most famous resident stayed frozen. 


Stone Skipping, or Stone Skimming as they say in Scotland, is another hobby we probably all grew up doing. All you need is a body of water and a flat stone and you can make that sucker fly.

In the States we generally try to see how many skips we can make the stone do.  In Scotland, it's a distance game.  To that end, the World Stone Skimming Championships are held every September on beautiful Easdale Island.



We all grew up thumb wrestling, right?  Did you ever consider wrestling with your second strongest digit - the big toe? Yes!  It’s a thing! And on this episode we cover both these amazing competitions.




If you’ve ever longed to go for a run with your wife on your shoulders but thought better of it, we have JUST the event for you!  The North American Wife Carrying Championship goes down every fall at Sunday River in Maine.


Welcome to our Christmas in July spectacular featuring the National Gingerbread House Competition!  If you’re looking for a sweet summer treat, this episode really takes the cake.



The 24 Hours of Lemons is an endurance roadracing series for cars that cost $500 or less. The name is a play off of the historic 24 hours of LaMans race, but as 84 time racer Anton Lovett put it, "Lemons isn't racing just for rich idiots, it's for all idiots". 



Bonus Episode - RoShamBo Recap 

*Please listen to to the full episode (#3) about the race first.  We promise it will make this bonus episode more enjoyable*

The Kinetic Grand Championship crowned their winner over Memorial Day weekend. Congratulations to Team TriloBike and their amazing machine, the Trilobike Diner.  Listen in as we talk to Steve McHaney about what it's takes to win this most grueling yet joyful race. (Photo Credit - Andrew Goff and Lost Coast Outpost)



Frozen Dead Guy Days is held every March in Nederland, CO. The festival celebrates it’s most famous resident (the ever frozen Grandpa Bredo) by holding a bunch of fun activities, including a good old fashion coffin race! Hear the story behind the legend and meet the race competitors that embrace this fantastically unique tradition.




What is Gurning, you ask?  Gurning is a  competition based on what some people call Grimacing - or “pulling a face”. The goal is to try and make your face look as ugly or ridiculous as possible.

Come along with us on this episode we travel back in time and across the ocean to England to meet some modern-day competitors of this medieval sport.



Imagine a 50-mile race of Kinetic Sculptures. Sculptures are all-terrain human-powered art vehicles, engineered to race over road, water, mud, and sand. It’s for real and it's nuts! Listen in as we go Art over Elbows at The Kinetic Grand Championship!



The World Pinball Championship is hosted by the International Flipper Pinball Association and this year's event - IFPA 15 - is happening in Ontario, Canada.  Join us as we go Full Tilt into the world of competitive pinball. 



Formerly known as the UK Rock Paper Scissors Championship, this competition has been going on for over a decade in London England.  It's a total mind game that anyone can play but few can master. 


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